Once upon a time...

I was a kid and I liked everything fantasy related. I played lots of role playing games, whether it be video games, card games or board games. I loved fantasy books and my passion was to draw the creatures and worlds of imagination.

I dreamed of becoming an artist, but circumstances led me to become a graphic designer. I was a gaphic designer for more than a decade, but interestingly the more I did design the more I was interested in doing art and becoming an artist. Now I know that my heart lies with art and illustration and I cannot imagine a better job in the world.

My professional work is digital, but in my spare time I do lots of studies in traditional mediums and I especially love to go out and do plein air painting and sketching in watercolor and gouache.

You can follow my work on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Deviant Art, and I also have a blog.

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